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The Friday Five

Sonny Angel Kewpie Figures

Happy Friday everyone! Starting today, I’ll be posting five things or events that I appreciate during the week, every Friday. It’s always nice to end the week on a positive note, don’t you think? :) So here we go…

Sonny Angel Kewpie Figures

#1. Sonny Angel Kewpie Figures
I’ve been eyeing these cuties for a long time! They’re mostly sold in blindboxes or sets (which can get super pricey), but I managed to find a site that opens and sells them separately. Score! If any of you are interested, you can find them at Sausalito Ferry, they’ve got some amazing Japanese imports.

Rilakkuma Stationary

#2. Rilakkuma 
My newest obsession as of late: Rilakkuma. Need I say more? ;) I went a little crazy on the stationary this time. Happy stationary = happy work time…maybe?

iPhone 5 White

#3. iPhone 5
I finally got my hands on it, and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s light, fast, and best of all, I can take panoramic pictures! Watch out for those soon. ^^

Free People Stockings

#4. Free People 2012 Holiday Stockings
How amazing are these stockings?! The details are absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to hang these up, I have no doubt they’ll round up the holiday spirit. Free People really did a great job with their FP ONE collection. You can find these at Free People online or in stores.

Bing Bang Mini Skull Bracelet

#5. Bing Bang Mini Skull Cuff in Rose Gold; Special Edition from Of a Kind
An early birthday present from the boyfriend JTyson! This particular Mini Skull Cuff is slightly different from Bing Bang’s original version, as it features a Swarovski crystal set between the skulls. Squee! By the way, when they say mini, they mean mini. The skulls are teeny tiny but absolutely adorable and look so dainty on. I know, skull and dainty in the same sentence? Somehow, Bing Bang makes it work. The shade of rose gold is icing on the cake. Pictures really don’t do it justice.
Find it at Of a Kind.

Alright! That rounds up this week’s Friday Five. I hope you’ve enjoyed them an join in with me. What are five things that made your week? Please feel free to share in the comments! :)