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St. Patrick’s Day Nail Tutorial

Chanel Le Vernis

Chanel Le Vernis Khaki Vert
Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Due to the lack of green in my wardrobe, I decided to paint my nails green with a fun touch of gold and silver. Learn how to achieve a similar look below:

Chanel Le VernisChanel Le Vernis: Khaki Vert, Peridot, Diwali, & Graphite. Essie Set In Stones.

Things You’ll Need:
– Base coat
– 1 main color
– 2-3 different colors for the gradient
– 1 accent (glitter, crystals, or even another color)
– Top coat
– Eyeshadow applicators or a sponge
– A piece of scrap paper (this will be your “paint palette”)

1. Apply your base coat.
2. Apply your main color: if you want to apply the gradient to all nails, you’ll only need 1 coat. If you’re only applying the gradient to an accent nail, apply 1 coat for that nail and 2 coats for the rest.
3. Take your next color and dab a few drops onto your scrap paper. Use an eyeshadow applicator or a sponge to pick up some color and start dabbing it lightly onto your nail (starting at the tip then going toward the nail base).
4. Repeat with the rest of your colors, each time stopping a little higher than the previous color (for the first color you stop near the nail base, for the 2nd color you might want to stop halfway, etc).
5. Add the accent you chose. For the silver glitter polish I chose, I used the same method  as above.
6. Apply the top coat and you’re done!

Tip: if you feel like your gradient doesn’t look faded or well blended enough, try dabbing (very lightly) the previous color over wherever you think needs some work. This can help blend and minimize the “cut-off” look.

gradient nail

Happy nail painting!