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No Party Like An Arm Party

Arm Party

Arm Party

Nothing like a blinged out wrist? I’ve always loved stacking whatever I could find and fit onto my wrists – and have gotten quite a few looks here and there, asking me if it was heavy or I crazy – so you can imagine my delight when it became an actual trend under the clever names of “arm party”, “arm swag”, and “arm candy”. \(^0^)/

I think I got a bit of jungle fever putting together this outfit the other day. I’m sure it was a culmination of the excitement over my new top and my newfound obsession over these shorts. I’d been lusting after this A.L.C. Lizzie top for awhile but disagreed with the price, so I’ve been on the hunt and finally snagged it during a sale. The shorts I actually bought awhile ago, but the confidence to pull them off or wear them was never there…until now. Shorts have never really been my thing (same goes for miniskirts/dresses), but I told myself I had to give them a chance in order to build a more flexible wardrobe. Before anything, though, I needed a tan to get some color…didn’t really want the look of tanned arms and “white radish legs” as my mama would call them, ha! Despite the leather being embossed with a reptilian pattern, these shorts are surprisingly versatile. Needless to say, I’ve been wearing them with just about everything, and the hot weather has been giving me an excuse. :)

One problem: they seem to be stretching a bit. Any tips to get leather to “shrink” back to the original size/shape?

ALC Lizzie Top


Alexander Wang Donna Bag

A.L.C. Lizzie Top still available here and here
Maggie Ward leather shorts
Alexander Wang Donna bag available here 
Arm Party:
Friendship bracelet – DIY
Wrap bracelet – DIY
2 prayer bead bracelets
Burberry Rosegold Watch
2 Spiked bracelets available at ASOS
Braided gold nugget bracelet – DIY
Tiffany & Co. mesh bracelet