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Getting Downward And Onward With Yoga

Get Downward Reebok Tank

Get Downward Reebok Tank

Have you ever thought “if only I had better _____, I would totally _____ everyday”? That was my typical excuse for putting off my yoga practice. I had an old crummy mat, classes that never worked with my schedule, and beyond old t-shirts and leggings as yoga clothes. Obviously,  yoga focuses much more on the spiritual than the material, but I hadn’t quite reached that level yet. I needed to feel comfortable and the tattered mat and clothes had to go. I searched long and hard for the best yoga mat, and ended up with the Manduka PROlite in Thyme. To solve class conflicts, I decided to try different classes of yoga and invested in The Ultimate Yogi, a 108 day program by Travis Eliot. I’m really excited to start the journey since I’ve heard great things about it! The program is said to be the “yoga version” of PX90. As for clothes, I’m totally in love with the Reebok yoga line designed by Tara Stiles. So. Cute. I’d been following her for the past couple of months and noticed her Get Downward tank in many of her videos and pictures, but couldn’t find it on the website. When she finally posted the release date and link last month, I hopped on and grabbed my tanks ASAP. I couldn’t be more pleased! The breathable burnout is so comfortable, and the fit is perfect – not too tight and not too loose. I bought the tank in “white” & “coral contrast”, both in XS. For reference: I am 5’4″ with 32″ bust, 25″ waist, and 33″ hips. The XS fits slightly loose around the waist. Keep in mind that burnout tends to be sheer, so you may want to wear another tank underneath if sheer bothers you.

Get Downward Reebok Tank

Paired with the Splits 59 Dusty 3/4 Tights

New mat, new classes, new program and new clothes. I officially have no more excuses. It’s time to get onward with my yoga practice and I am pumped! If you find yourself repeating the same kind of excuses with something you’ve been meaning to do, figure out what needs to be done and DO IT. In the words of Nike: Just do it.What have you been putting off, and why? I would love to read your responses!

  • i love tara stiles too! after seeing this post it made want to get her tank :]
    good luck with your new yoga routine! <3


    • niniloves

      Hi Stephanie, thanks for stopping by! Definitely check out her tanks, they’re super comfy. And I love your site! I graduated from FIDM too :)


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  • Yasmin Wilnis


    Just discovered your blog, and I’m loving this post! Since 2015 I have been trying to meditate every morning and then stretch, by incorporating a lot of yoga and pilates moves! It’s so refreshing to start your morning that way, and I love how even though things didn’t work out at first, you still seemed to find the solution to fitting it into your daily lifestyle!

    Yasmin x