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Rawmond Milk

Rawmond Milk

The words “no binders, no preservatives, no chemicals” are music to my ears when I’m shopping for food, and Rawmond Milk delivers on all. I am absolutely elated to have found a local business that understands the essence of what makes almond milk delicious AND healthy! The best part? You can actually TASTE the almond. Their purest almond milk contains only 3 (yes 3) ingredients: filtered water, organic raw unpasteurized almonds, and Himalayan sea salt. Their sweetened almond milk (my fav) is only sweetened with local raw honey. Good enough to do a happy dance, right? ;) If you’re in the Costa Mesa/Irvine area, I definitely recommend checking them out.

St. Patrick’s Day Dessert

What better way to celebrate than eating a delicious AND healthy dessert? Holidays don’t always have to mean junky food overload!   Check out the original recipe from the very awesome Vegan Yack Attack! I had to make some slight modifications for the ingredients I had on hand, but it still turned out delicious. ^^ Ingredients: Mint Pudding – – 1/2 cup coconut milk – 1/4 cup spinach – 1/4 cup mint – 1.5 TBS coconut sugar – salt to taste – 3 TBS chia seeds Chocolate Pudding – – 2/3 cup coconut milk – 2 TBS cacao powder – 1.5 TBS coconut sugar – salt to taste – 3 TBS chia seeds Extra – – vegan chocolate chips – coconut flakes Instructions: For both puddings (separately of course) – 1. Mix all ingredients, except for the chia seeds, in a blender & puree. 2. Place chia seeds in a bowl, then pour the mixture in and whisk until they’re all combined. Refrigerate for 45-60 minutes, stirring occasionally so the chia seeds don’t congeal together. 3. …


Break of Dawn Friday

Us SoCal residents have been blessed with beautiful weather today, and it was the perfect time to eat brunch at one of my favorite restaurants – Break of Dawn. Backed by former Executive Sous Chef 0f the Ritz-Carlton, Dee Nguyen, Break of Dawn’s menu features unique fusions of Asian x Western ingredients. It’s always a little scary to try combinations you’ve never seen before, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and satisfied every time. The chef terms his dishes “creative comfort food”. I couldn’t agree more. Got your mouth watering yet? ;) As if the food wasn’t reason enough to come, the story behind the opening of this restaurant (read here) makes it that much easier to. It is definitely a business I don’t mind supporting.  

Nutella Crepe

La Galette Creperie

Food, oh food, I love you so. La Galette Creperie, you’ve really appealed to the foodie in me. By recommendation of my dear friend Penny, we trekked up and down the uneven streets of San Clemente (in 90 degree weather) to get to this little gem of a restaurant. Why? Well, crepes. Worth it? Without a doubt. Nestled in between a restaurant here and a boutique there, La Galette Creperie sits in the perfect spot – right across the Pacific Ocean. My Sunday was made of a citrusy drink, a savory crepe, my beautiful friend, and the ever sweeping ocean.