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Chanel Le Vernis

St. Patrick’s Day Nail Tutorial

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Due to the lack of green in my wardrobe, I decided to paint my nails green with a fun touch of gold and silver. Learn how to achieve a similar look below: Chanel Le Vernis: Khaki Vert, Peridot, Diwali, & Graphite. Essie Set In Stones. Things You’ll Need: – Base coat – 1 main color – 2-3 different colors for the gradient – 1 accent (glitter, crystals, or even another color) – Top coat – Eyeshadow applicators or a sponge – A piece of scrap paper (this will be your “paint palette”) Steps: 1. Apply your base coat. 2. Apply your main color: if you want to apply the gradient to all nails, you’ll only need 1 coat. If you’re only applying the gradient to an accent nail, apply 1 coat for that nail and 2 coats for the rest. 3. Take your next color and dab a few drops onto your scrap paper. Use an eyeshadow applicator or a sponge to pick up some color and start dabbing it lightly …