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Sonny Angel Kewpie Figures

The Friday Five

Happy Friday everyone! Starting today, I’ll be posting five things or events that I appreciate during the week, every Friday. It’s always nice to end the week on a positive note, don’t you think? :) So here we go… #1. Sonny Angel Kewpie Figures I’ve been eyeing these cuties for a long time! They’re mostly sold in blindboxes or sets (which can get super pricey), but I managed to find a site that opens and sells them separately. Score! If any of you are interested, you can find them at Sausalito Ferry, they’ve got some amazing Japanese imports. #2. Rilakkuma  My newest obsession as of late: Rilakkuma. Need I say more? ;) I went a little crazy on the stationary this time. Happy stationary = happy work time…maybe? #3. iPhone 5 I finally got my hands on it, and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s light, fast, and best of all, I can take panoramic pictures! Watch out for those soon. ^^ #4. Free People 2012 Holiday Stockings How amazing are these stockings?! The details are absolutely …

Rachel Roy Lyannah

Put A Cap On It

Gold has found it’s way onto my feet. A flash of shiny caught my eye during my usual online perusing last week, and when I saw 1 more available in my size, I pounced. I couldn’t be happier with my decision – these shoes are gorgeous! The contrast of hard (metal) and soft (cow hair) gives it such an interesting texture and I love that it’s so different from the usual plain leather. These shoes are my first Rachel Roy purchase, and I will positively be back for more! Cap-toe shoes seem to be a must this season, but I can definitely see them lasting as a classic staple.     A few alternatives & where to get them: 1. Sam Edelman Aster Cap Toe Flats 2. Sigerson Morrison Walda Cap Toe Ballet Flats 3. Rag & Bone Maya Ballet Flats 4. Rachel Roy Lyannah Cap Smoking Flats 5. alice + olivia Donnie Haircalf Booties 6. Nicholas Amore Cap Toe Pumps  


Break of Dawn Friday

Us SoCal residents have been blessed with beautiful weather today, and it was the perfect time to eat brunch at one of my favorite restaurants – Break of Dawn. Backed by former Executive Sous Chef 0f the Ritz-Carlton, Dee Nguyen, Break of Dawn’s menu features unique fusions of Asian x Western ingredients. It’s always a little scary to try combinations you’ve never seen before, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and satisfied every time. The chef terms his dishes “creative comfort food”. I couldn’t agree more. Got your mouth watering yet? ;) As if the food wasn’t reason enough to come, the story behind the opening of this restaurant (read here) makes it that much easier to. It is definitely a business I don’t mind supporting.  

Through Instagram

First: I must apologize for the absence on here! These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. The boyfriend, JTyson, made his biannual treck across the Atlantic to see me for three weeks. It was burning hot (think 106+ degree weather), but we managed to get as much as we could done. Disneyland, LACMA, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, good eats, and – of course – shopping. It’s always a bittersweet feeling when he has to leave, but time flies and I know it won’t be long before more adventures ensue! Last Sunday was also the  Moon Festival (or Mid-Autumn) holiday in Asia, where families gather to eat mooncakes, drink tea, burn incense, and play games. In my case, I got to have a lovely dinner with my aunt, uncle, and cousins. My dad was also here visiting from Taiwan, so needless to say, I’ve had a very eventful couple of weeks! Regular blogging will be taking place very soon once I get everything settled and sorted. In the meantime, follow me on Instagram @niniloves …

Nutella Crepe

La Galette Creperie

Food, oh food, I love you so. La Galette Creperie, you’ve really appealed to the foodie in me. By recommendation of my dear friend Penny, we trekked up and down the uneven streets of San Clemente (in 90 degree weather) to get to this little gem of a restaurant. Why? Well, crepes. Worth it? Without a doubt. Nestled in between a restaurant here and a boutique there, La Galette Creperie sits in the perfect spot – right across the Pacific Ocean. My Sunday was made of a citrusy drink, a savory crepe, my beautiful friend, and the ever sweeping ocean.

Noupi Head

I have a soft spot for graphic tees + anything cute, and this Noupi tee is the perfect combo. Cinthya (aka Poly Cinco) was wonderful enough to send me one of her Icon tees before release, and I absolutely love it. Noupi is certainly something wonderful eclectic, with designs featuring kawaii doodle chibi characters to sassy Disney princesses. See more Noupi designs here. They’re having a special pop-up shop event August 8th til midnight with limited edition prints, so go check it out! My personal fav is their Noupi Head sweatshirt, fingers crossed they’ll be printing those soon. It’d be a brilliant addition to my casual fall wardrobe.   Wearing: Noupi Head Icon T-shirt available here J Brand Slim Fit Denim Jacket in Atomic Rag & Bone Jeans Isabel Marant Bazil Sneakers 

Isabel Marant Bazil

At Last…Isabel Marant Bazil Sneakers

There really are no words to explain how absolutely frustrating it was to try and hunt down a pair of Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers (especially black) for the past few seasons/years. I either couldn’t find them, missed them, or couldn’t afford them. I was determined to get my hands on them this time around, and with the help of wonderful Mandi (findmeamuse), I did! I passed my name around to boutiques around the world like hotcakes, and it was done. I don’t know which was harder, tracking them down or waiting months for them to finally arrive! They are beautiful. Gorgeous. >Insert whatever adjective relating to amaziness here<. I was a little skeptical of the python print at first, but the execution is second to none. It’s subtle, but obvious enough to add just a little bit of texture. I’m waiting on 2 other colors, since I couldn’t make up my mind, but the black Bazil is doing an excellent job of convincing me. For anyone who’s confused by the sizing, these sneakers are in …

Fourth of July

Red, White, Blues In The Skies

  Summer’s in the air, baby heaven’s in your eyes. I’m your national anthem.  I thought it’d be fun to make a set in honor of Independence Day & the 2012 Olympics, so here it is! How perfect are the Electric Blue Isabel Marant Bekkets and red leather pants?!   Red, White, Blues in the Skies by niniloves T by Alexander Wang pocket t shirt, $93 / Splendid long sleeve top, $94 / Isabel Marant scoop neck vest, $130 / Isabel Marant red cropped pants, $1,805 / Isabel Marant sneaker, $535 / Y-3 baseball hat / Madewell retro sunglasses / Givenchy Medium Pepe Pandora Messenger

Arm Party

No Party Like An Arm Party

Nothing like a blinged out wrist? I’ve always loved stacking whatever I could find and fit onto my wrists – and have gotten quite a few looks here and there, asking me if it was heavy or I crazy – so you can imagine my delight when it became an actual trend under the clever names of “arm party”, “arm swag”, and “arm candy”. \(^0^)/ I think I got a bit of jungle fever putting together this outfit the other day. I’m sure it was a culmination of the excitement over my new top and my newfound obsession over these shorts. I’d been lusting after this A.L.C. Lizzie top for awhile but disagreed with the price, so I’ve been on the hunt and finally snagged it during a sale. The shorts I actually bought awhile ago, but the confidence to pull them off or wear them was never there…until now. Shorts have never really been my thing (same goes for miniskirts/dresses), but I told myself I had to give them a chance in order to …

Isabel Marant Pepal Pants

Lace Up

It’s no secret that Isabel Marant is an absolute fashion genius, and my love (more like obsession) for her only continues to grow as the seasons pass. I’m constantly scouring the web for good deals, and I was lucky enough to nab a pair of her pants that I’d been eying during Net-A-Porter’s yearly sale! Imagine my excitement when I saw them for nearly half off, in my size, and 1 left. Woo! The Pepal pants are so ridiculously comfortable, and I love – what seems to be a signature of hers – the drop crotch style. I was also able to get my hands on the Raf lace top – in white. I’d seen it previously on LaGarconne and ShopMrsH in black only, so I was pleasantly surprised to see the white on Espejto…and for a considerably lower price. Brilliant! I’d been looking for a good lace top (that didn’t project cheapness) for quite some time now, and this was it. I went with a medium for a more oversized look, and I absolutely …